Thursday, December 18, 2008

Overrated Players

As you all know, I love underrated players such as Sidney Crosby, Chuck Kobasew, and Todd Bertuzzi. What I really don't like, is when people swoon over one hit wonders or players that are vastly overrated such as 2005 Shean Donvan.

The most overrated player in my mind at the moment is Jonathan Toews. I know I have ranted about him before ... but how is this guy a Captain? Oh, Sidney Crosby was made Captain in his third year when he was 20 and he was the BEST PLAYER IN THE LEAGUE, so that makes sense. Jonathan Toews played less than 65 games last year. He didn't even have one full season and he was made Captain???? I don't care how good your supposed'leadership' skills are, you can't be Captain of your team at that young of an age unless you are the BEST PLAYER on that team.

It's like our design project we're doing in school. What if this punk second year took charge of our fourth year design group because he was an amazing organizer/leader? Does that mean our group will do better? NO, our group will have a leader who doesn't know 2 years of information and has just finished basic circuits trying to make an ECG machine wireless.

Now suppose we have a prodigy second year (in this analogy is Sidney Crosby of school) that took charge of our team. I think our group would be doing pretty well since this genius already knew everything and would lead us to the promise land by his pure awesomeness.

The point is, Toews is a good player, but shouldn't be Captain. Captain of that team should be Patrick Sharp hands down. Also, they better not put him on Team CAnada 2010 unless he really progresses next season.

Onto the list of most overrated players per team:

Vancouver Canucks - N/A no one is really overrated on this team
Calgary Flames - You should know by now who is overrated on the Flames
Edmonton Oilers - Fernando Pisani :(Remember when people thought he would score 20+ goals the season after they almost won the cup?)
Minnesota Wild - Marian Gaborik: Only because he pulls his groin every time he has sex with Pavol Demitra
Colorado Avalanche - Peter Forsberg and his robotic foot

Pacific Divison
San Jose Sharks - Well, it was Jonathan Cheechoo for the longest time, but now no one thinks he's good anymore. Plus the Sharks are too good to have anyone really overrated
Anaheim Mighty Ducks - Brian Burke ... oh he's in Toronto now
Phoenix Coyotes - I can't even name more than five players on this team
Los Angeles Kings - Anze Kopitar: this kid is supposed to be amazing but he's not producing at all. Probably will next year once the thought of bathing in money grows old to him
Dallas Stars - Mike Riberio: Send him to the next Summer Olympics and we can get a gold in DIVING

Detroit Red Wings - Hahaha, I think they realize that they can't rely on Osgood and Ty Conklin for a whole season
Chicago Blackhawks - My boi Towes
Nashville Predators - ummmmm I can't name more than three people on this team
Columbus Blue Jackets - I hate to admit it, but Rick Nash is overrated. Unless he is centered by a superstar, he doesn't produce the way a #1 overall should be producing. He'll still dominate at 2010 though
St Louis Blues - Andy McDonald, man this guy is soooo bad

Southeast Divison

Washington Capitals - Alexander Semin: You had one one good month you son of a bitch
Carolina Hurricanes - Eric Staal: Still living off that 100 point season back in 2005, he hasn't produced nearly that much since that year
Florida Panthers - No one cares
Atlanta Thrashers - No one cares
Tampa Bay Lightening - Overrated Galore: Steven Stamkos, Ryan Malone, Martin St. Louis

Northeast Divison
Boston Bruins - Everyone but Chuck Kobasew
Montreal Canadiens - Cary Price: He's not a superstar yet people
Buffalo Sabres - Ryan Miller: This guy is not an elite goaltender. He plays a lot of games so he gets a lot of wins
Toronto Maple Leafs - Brian Burke
Ottawa Senators - THey are just too awful to comprehend

Atlantic Divison

New York Rangers - They should be dubbed the Team of Overratedness: Scott Gomez, Chris Drury are probably the two most overrated players in the league
Philadelphia Flyers - Jeff Carter: He's gonna do nearly this well ever again
New Jersey Devils - I don't think anyone cares about the Devil's once the phrase 'Martin Brodeur is out until February" hit the newsworld
Pittsburgh Penguins - Jordan Staal: Like the other brother, he's living off his rookie season where he got like 29 goals. He hasn't progressed one bit since then
New York Islanders - umm


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