Wednesday, December 17, 2008

BAttle of the NW

Im sorry to all of my beloved readers that do not care about the sundin sweepstakes. but that is just because you are jealous that your team is not going to get sundin. this post is for you.

Calgary-They're coming off a huge win on tuesdeay against st louis. how does bertuzzi only get one point when the flames get 6 goals on the board? But Iggy had a 4 point night and made up for it. Currently calgary sits atop the division tied with vancouver in points. Calgary has already played 15 home games this season.

Vancouver- They'll play sanford tonight against edmonton. the trevor linden ceremony starts at 6 but the game doesnt start until 730. sanford is supposed to be starting. hopefully the ceremony doesnt throw the canucks out of the zone. I once saw the detroit red wings play the canucks when they retired yzermans jersey. canucks scored 3 goals in the first period because detroit was out of the zone. canucks have played 12 home games so far this season

Minny- Gaborik is back tonight. Minny has still been able to stay in the hunt without gaborik. they could be really deadly with him back. They have only got 6 points in their last ten games and have played 15 home games this season.

Colorado- with sakic out and talks about forsberg already heating up in december, it is looking dim for colorado. 15 home games this season

Edmonton- has only played 11 home games this season and has 2 games in hand on calgary and vancouver. they spent a lot of time on the road early and they were still able to hang in the mix. now with a lot of home games in the remainder of the season they might find a lot of success. but losing 9-2 at home to chicago was disgusing last night. they go to play vancouver tonight and they will have to have a good effort.

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