Wednesday, December 17, 2008

A Chronology of Sundin over the Next Few months

"Barry was interviewed by TSN's Darren Dreger on AM 640 Toronto Radio today, and he indicated that Sundin's decision would come Thursday at the earliest, but might not be forthcoming until the weekend."-TSN

And if not the weekend then maybe sometime next week. Except he shouldn't make a decision during the Christmas break because of the freeze, so he'll wait until after christmas. But he wants to spend the new year in sweden so we'll wait until january. But he's had a little setback in his training so hes going to hold out until february and then reconsider. Now he's going to wait until near the trade deadline once all the teams have decided what kind of player they need. Actually, sundin was never interested in playing hockey he was just trying to fuck with those losers over at TSN. Sundin will have the final laugh. HAHAHAHAHAHAH!!!!!

Eklund is saying that Sundin to the Rangers is "(e4) ALMOST (e5)". If i was eklund and had to make an uneducated guess as to where mats would go, i would also choose the rangers. eklund claimed the decision was coming today though, so hes already wrong.

The Peter Forsberg Sweepstakes: Apparently forsbergs foot was battery operated last season. when he turned the power on his foot straightened in his skate. Now with new technological breakthroughs in robot operated feet, forsberg is thinking that he will be able to play hockey again this season. Colorado will be his likely destination. But maybe if sundin goes to the rangers mike gillis will offer forsberg 10 million at the trade deadline which would translate into like 2 million dollars over the 16 games that he would play (i think he played 16 games last season).


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