Tuesday, December 16, 2008


James mirtle wrote a post today showcasing his belief that sundin will go to NY. he did the math in a way that allowed NY to sign him without losing any big name players. It involved sundin signing a smaller contract this season and then resigning a bigger contract for next season. Sundin has said he is not interested in a two year contract, so im not sure that Mirtles logic fits. NY is already locked up big time with contracts to drury, gomez and lundqvist therefore i dont see NY being willing to offer him more money next season especially considering there will be 10 RFA's coming from new york this offseason including prucha and zherdev.

Mirtle offered a link to a NY journalist named Larry Brooks that was willing to take the time to understand the indepth capalogics of NY signing sundin

The Blueshirts currently have approximately $1 million of cap space. Pro-rating cap hits, the Blueshirts would need approximately $2.877M of space on Dec. 27 in order to be able to offer Sundin a full-season contract of $5M, half of Vancouver's standing bid.

This would mean that Sather would not have to part with Drury, gomez or Rosival. He could just demote some young players and trade peter prucha to free up enough money to sign sundin for 5 mil.

I would be very surprised if Sundin was willing to sign for 5 million. He might say that it is not about money but it has to be about money a little bit. I really hope that sundin is commanding at least 7 million from New York. That way they will have to trade one of the big 4: Drury, gomez, lundqvist or rozsival.

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