Monday, December 15, 2008

Where Would Nashville be without the Forsberg Trade?

The First Round Pick they traded for Forsberg ended up being jonathan Blum. He has 44 points in 28 games in the WHL this season.

The third round pick has 9 points in 17 games in NCAA hockey.

Defenseman Ryan Parent had 22 games with the Flyers last season. He was the same draft year as crosby and like most denfesmean he will take longer to make it to the big leagues than a forward. he did play 4 games with the flyers in last years playoffs and had 1 point. it doesnt seem like hes playing with philly this season, i think hes down in the minors.

Scottie upshall had 30 points in 60 games with Philly last season. this season hes got 10 points in 30 games.

And how did peter forsberg do in nashville. he played 17 games and scored 15 points in the regular season. and in the playoffs he had 4 points in 5 games before the preds were eliminated. then he never played for nashville again. it is still the biggest deadline day deal in the new era of the nhl. maybe gaborik or kovalchuk can top it this season

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