Monday, December 15, 2008

Dismissing a Sundin Rumor and other Sundin Ramblings

There is a rumor that Sundin does not want to play with the canucks because teams in the NW division travel a lot. the argument continues that because sundin is old, he does not want to travel much and therefore will not play in vancouver. I doubt sundin will make his decision based on the team that he gets to spend the least amount of time on an airplane. unless sundin has a phobia of snakes on planes his decision will be based on money and stanley cup potential.

during last nights game in florida, some drunk guy in the third row stood up and started chanting "Mats-Sun-Din-Mats-sun-din". If he was less drunk people may have taken him more seriously and the chant could have actually developed. it would be a sign to mike gillis from the fans that all we want for christmas is our number 13.

Trevor Lindens number 16 will be retired during a one hour ceremony on wednesday. vancouver fans will be making a big deal about this because many think he is the most valaubale player ever to play for the canucks. therefore, if sundin he does decide to sign with the canucks dont expect it to be until thursday that way the vancouver organization can fully pay tribute to Linden without getting completely sidetracked with Sundin. Although, the canucks organization given linden a slap in the face once already this season by forcing him into retirement. maybe they'll sign sundin on wednesday and cancel the linden ceremony and retire mats sundin number 13 and pre-emptively host a stanley cup celebration.

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