Saturday, December 20, 2008

Underrated Players

We all know that Chucky Kobasew is the most underrated player in the NHL. However, I figure I look like a tool just talking about players in the NHL that are overrated, so here's a happy one about that underrated NHLers in the league. Maybe if one of them sees their name on our blog, they will feel very good about themselves.

Onto the list:

Northwest DIVISION

Vancouver Canucks - No one on this team strikes me as underrated
Calgary Flames - Todd Bertuzzi. Not getting enough respect from our fans
Edmonton Oilers - Zac Stortini: Harc would love him on the Canucks
Minnesota Wild - N/A
Colorado Avalanche - Joe Sakic: Until they make a gold coated statue made from 14 carrot diamond of him, he will be underrated

Pacific Division
San Jose Sharks - N/A
Anaheim Mighty Ducks - N/A
Phoenix Coyotes - Wayne Gretzky: How is he NOT the greatest Canadian of all time?
Los Angeles Kings - N/A
Dallas Stars - Mike Modano: I've heard more men call him handsome than women. What the hell is up with that?

Central Division
Detroit Red Wings - N/A
Chicago Blackhawks - Patrick Sharp
Nashville Predators - Barry Trotz: How are they still competing for a playoff spot? They have no one but Shea Weber. Can you name five players on this team? What a coach
Columbus Bluejackets - N/A
St Louis Blues - Paul Kariya because he's the man and should've been on the 2006 Team Canada

Southeast Division
Washington Capitals - N/A
Carolina Hurricanes - N/A
Florida Panthers - No one cares
Atlanta Thrashers - No one cares
Tampa Bay Lightening - N/A

Northeast Division
Boston Bruins - Chuck Kobasew
Montreal Canadiens - N/A
Buffalo Sabres - N/A
Toronto Maple Leafs - N/A
Ottawa Senators - N/A

Atlantic Divison
New York Rangers - N/A
Philadelphia Flyers - N/A
New Jersey Devils - N/A
Pittsburgh Penguins - Sidney Crosby
New York Islanders - Mike Comrie for bagging Hilary Duff

As you can see there are a lot more overrated players than underrated players in the NHL

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