Saturday, December 20, 2008

The Northwest Division gets even more intense

With the addition of Mats Sundin to the Vancouver Canucks, the Northwest Division now has possibly the three best leaders in the NHL at the moment.

Joe Sakic as Captain of Team Canada during the 2006 Torino games and is regarded as one of the best Captains in NHL history.

Closely behind him is Jarome Iginla who is slated to be Captain of Team Canada for the 2010 Olympic games and is arguably the best Captain in the NHL at the moment.

Now with the arrival of Mats Sundin, although he won't be wearing a C or even a letter, you get the arguably the best European Captain on the Canucks. He was the Captain for Team Sweden in 2006 when they won the gold, and he is referred as the "European Jarome Iginla" by Hark.


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