Friday, December 19, 2008

A statistical enquiry into clutchness

Game winning goals as a percentage of overall goals (the higher the percentage the clutcher the player)

Wayne Gretzky: 10%

Mario Lemiuex: 8%

Jagr: 17%

Mats Sundin: 17%

Forsberg: 17%

Sidney Crosby: 11.6%

Malkin: 13%

Martin Gelinas of 04 PLayoffs: 38%

Jeremy Roenick: 18%

Sean Avery: 17.6%

Obviously nobody can compete with gelinas of 04. But it is interesting that three main european players are far more clutcher than canadian players such as gretzky crosby and lemiux over their careers. Forsberg, Sundin and Jagr all score goals in the right moments of the game. Whereas the canadian players score goals all the time. Sundin will definitely be able to add a certain amount of clutchness to the canucks. I picked avery and roenick just because they are players with a lot of heart and i figured they have scored plenty of clutch goals in their career.


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