Friday, December 19, 2008

Possible Sundin Line Combinations

Christmas comes early,
Unwrap a point per game swede,
so tough and burly

Obviously on the powerplay you have:


But on even strength it becomes less clear. i say you keep the sedins as the top line and create the deadliest second line in the league


...actually, maybe its not the deadliest second line in the league... but sundin makes it top 5.



all the possible line combinations become overwhelming.

anyone who thought he was going to NY was obviously buying into the bullshit that the sports networks were feedin us (incidentally i kinda thought he was going to NY). Gillis was saying that the deadlines were just being created by misinformation through the media. We can't play the blame game though, because we'll probably spray the piss everywhere rather than target the real nemesis's in the hockey media world (eklund and bob mckenzie). So we just have to be happy that we got to experience the sundin saga and now its finally over.

James Mirtle said: "Vancouver instantly goes from a team that didn't have a chance to one with a very small sliver of one."

The canucks were leading the division without their star goalie. i think they stood a little bit of a chance beforehand and now they stand a big chance. they'll still be underdogs to san jose and detroit but every team in the league is going to fear playing van. If you want an eastern conference bloggers perspective of the western conference, i would suggest visiting the 2 man advantage instead of fromtherink. i think they have nhl center ice and they watch a lot of western conference hockey games.


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