Saturday, December 20, 2008

The Ultimate Phenomenon

I have only seen this phenomenon happen once in sports, and that was in basketball. It was the most incredible thing I've ever witnessed that happened within around three years when I was in highschool.

The player's name was Ben Wallace. He was a center that played for the Detroit Pistons.

At the beginning, Mr.Wallace was considered a very underrated player because of his defensive prowess. He was so underrated that people widely acknowledged his underratedness for a couple years. However ... soon it seemed like he was so well known as being so supremely underrated that it actually seeped into the realm of overratedness.

He was actually overrated for his underratedness.

It was incredible. I have never seen it happen before. Eventually his overrateddness from the underratedness grew into him winning 'defensive player of the year titles' but soon he was actually overrated because people realized he couldn't score points , and now he has declined and just sucks.

Are there any players in the NHL that could experience the "Ben Wallace Phenomenon"? (Trademark BOWC)

Please post comments because I would like to know so I can follow these players in the hopes of witnessing this again.


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