Tuesday, December 23, 2008

If the Playoffs Started Today

San jose vs. Nashville

SJ in 5 games. thortons leadership has been questioned many times. when he played in boston and the bruins had some spectacular years, they still choked to an underdog montreal. CAn Thorton finally do it or will San Jose be plagued to one of the playoff bottom feeders of the new nhl era.

Detroit vs. Phonix

Barring the fact that Gretzky will come back and lace up the skates i would say detroit has this one on lockdown. in 5.

Canucks vs. Anaheim

Sundin and luongo make this tough for the ducks. but the ducks have a lot more playoff experience than the canucks. I'd say canucks in 7

Calgary vs. Chicago

The leadership of Jarome will be too much for Toewes to handle. Toewes could really hurt his team in the playoffs. you need to be able to escalate your game come playoff time. I dont expect too much from the young chicago early on. experience is important with the toughness and grit in the western conference. i dont think chicago will be able to pull a pittsburgh of 08 in the West. Especially with questionable goaltending. calgary in 6.

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