Wednesday, November 12, 2008

NHL ROundup

You heard it first on BOWC:

Steven Stamkos should NOT be playing in the NHL. It is clear by this time that the Lightening should have sent Stamkos down to the AHL or develop. The kid is only 18 and can't compete with these men. When I saw him at the World Juniors and super series, he still was overshadowed by other players. The kid has 4 points in 14 games playing on the second line.

Not saying he's going to be a bad player, but he's just not ready. No one wants to stay it because he's the #1 overall pick, but he's going to be a DUD this season. Remember, you heard it from BOWC

That being said, Ryan Malone must be kicking himself for not negotiating with Pittsburgh. I can't believe players don't learn that you can make a million dollars less a year and actually be considered good, or make an extra million and have people realize that it was Evgeni Malkin ENTIRELY who inflated your statistics astronomically. He has a eye popping three points in 14 games.

Marian Hossa dropped his yellow padded gloves. He doesn't stand out as much.

Chuck Kobasew plays again tonight. Let's see how he fares.

Would the Toronto Tsnamuis have a rivalry with the Carolina Hurricanes? I think they would. Or the Toronto Typhoons, they would also have a rivalry with the Hurricanes. Or the Toronto Landslide, would they have a rivalry with the Colorado Avalanche?


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