Wednesday, November 12, 2008

The New Look of the Site

In case anyone is wondering about the music things on the side of this page, they are advertising spaces. I have hired a graphic designer to create a logo for the site which will make this site look very professional. In return, he gets to advertise music on the side of this page.

Burke gets fired:

this is not a big surprise. burke is a pretty huge dumbass and deserves to be fired. he has been flaunting himself as the next GM of the maple leafs by giving non-commital answers to the media for months.

plus he's also made some of the biggest GM blunders in the nhl in the past few seasons. bertuzzi 8 million for 2 years (buyout). Trading Andy McDonald for Doug Weight (weight walks at the end of the season). Not saving enough cap space to sign dustin penner (because of signing schneider and bertuzzi). losing bryzgalov on waivers when you could have traded him a year earlier for a huge return. and signing brendan morrison because he knows morrison from vancouver (morrison has 2 points in 17 games this season).

Burke did have his upsides: he compiled one of the best defensive 4 pairings that the nhl has ever seen. Getting Neidermyer and Pronger was a miracle that won anaheim the stanley cup. But this one pinnacle of hockey greatness in the 21st century, can not help us overlook the many blunders that he made for Anaheim.

Even in vancouver his flaw was that he could never bring the canucks a goalie. Instead he rallied behind cloutier season after season. There's no point in having the best line in the league if your goalie can't stop the puck.

Now we can be ready for months of TSN rumors suggesting Brian Burke is heading to Toronto. and more non-commital answers from burke. Not only that, but the media will probably build brian burke up as the greatest genius that ever managed a team in the nhl. when burke does sign in toronto they will probably host a pre-emptive march of the stanley cup down young street.


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