Thursday, November 13, 2008

Welcome Toronto

The boys at the BOWC would like to send a warm welcome to the toronto maple leafs. the leafs are visiting the area known informally as "western Canada' this week. The Leafs are Playing in Edmonton tonight and vancouver on saturday. It's too bad that we don't get to play toronto more often because we could have some really good national rivalries with them. Everyone in Canada makes a pastime of hating toronto.

This is a picture of Mr. Toronto. He travelled the country hosting "Toronto Appreciation Day". This is a picture of the warm turnout that he recieved in Vancouver on this special day. i think the reason that he wears an eye patch is a metaphor for the fact that toronto can never see the big picture.

I would just like to inform Mr. toronto that his hockey team is garbage this season. they tried to win the tavares sweepstakes by compiling a really shitty team, and the team is actually winning enough games at this point of the season that they are not going to come dead last. Even if toronto was shitty enough to come dead last, the godess of fortune would screw them over and pick another team in the lottery. Toronto has nothing going for it at all. im putting my reputation on the line by making a guarantee on the score for this weekend: canucks 9 toronto 2.


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