Sunday, November 30, 2008

BOWC Recap

First of all, i would like to thank my buddy H-ram for the lovely graphic design work that he did on the site. The new logo really ties the website together.

AS far as the weekend of hockey goes i am pretty disappointed. Canucks played good but the flames played better. I was really impressed with Schneider's play last night. We could have a superstar on our hands in a few years. He's Luongo 2.0 in waiting. Did you see the huge glove save that he pulled out in the third period?

PLayers like Bernier, Kesler and Pyatt have to step it up. we can't expect the sedin's and wellwood to be doing all the work. Most of all we need Luongo back. I think as long as Luongo comes back and healthy (and is not nagged by a groin injury all season) that the canucks should make the playoffs. Last year Lou's play tapered off big time in the last part of the season. Some speculated injuries while other speculate distraction of wife getting pregneant. Regardless of the reasons, as long as it doesnt happen again the canucks should be fine.

Look at the Flames go too. wouldn't it be great if we met in the first round of the playoffs? 3rd and 6th place or 4th and 5th place would do the trick nicely. is it too early to talk about playoffs? I think about playoffs before i think about christmas.

im going to see the new bond movie tonight. then i will vote on the poll and read h-rams article of it on the hubbubists.


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