Sunday, November 30, 2008

Who dares sue Iginla?

That dumbass homebuilder should be tar and feathered in my opinion. Yeah, let's distract our Captain from playing hockey and winning us a Stanley Cup cause I'm a selfish prick.

Jarome has enough to deal with on carrying our team, doesn't need the extra lawsuit burden. What kind of Calgarian would have the balls to sue effing JAROME IGINLA?!?!?!

It's sort of like that prick Steve Moore sueing Bertuzzi during the Torino Olympic Games. Ok buddy, we get that you're pissed that you can't play hockey again. You can't wait two weeks to sue Big Bert so that he can at least focus on winnings CANADA a gold? The lawsuit Moore filed was probably more than he would've made in his career playing hockey.
Who's side is he on? The Swedes?

If Moore wasn't Canadian, I'd link it to a MASSIVE Olympic conspiracy to make Canada lose in the Olympics (which we did)

Wow, I can't believe I'm dissing Moore ... I hope my mailbag doesn't get flammed (wait, what mailbag?). I feel like those guys who say that Global Warming will actually help the world ... longer growing seasons, trees loves CO2, CO2 = fertilizer, stuff like that.


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