Saturday, November 1, 2008

Best Halloween Costume

Last night, there was a kid that showed up to my door wearing a red light on his head. The light flashed on every 10 seconds. I asked him what he was supposed to be. He replied "I'm the goal light behind Mika Kiprusoff".

Flames and LA tonight. It should be a good game. edmonton has already beaten carolina today. Moreau got two goals late in the third to give edmonton the win.

Remember RJ Umberger in the playoffs last year? He went on an excellent run and was probably Philly's best player with 10 goals in 17 games. He went to Columbus and received a 3.5 millionish contract. He got his first goal of the season today in his 11th game. It really proves that one good playoff run is all that a player needs in order to increase his value.


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