Friday, October 31, 2008

Capology of Sundin

At the game in Los Angeles, Mike Gillis was sitting in the same press box as Mats Sundin. You can bet Gillis reminded Sundin that the 10 million dollar offer is still on the table. Sundin probably paid for Gillis's dinner, considering Sundin's raise in value since Mike Gillis calculated the number 10 on his TI-83.

Im not sure on sundin's expected salary, but if he doesn't choose Vancouver, he might be willing to take a paycut to play elsewhere. But it won't be very much of a paycut, because he does understand his own value. 8 million would be his minimum salary in my belief.

He probably wants a cup, moreso than money, so i would say his best bet is Montreal. Vancouver is developing to be a good team in a few years, but I'm not sure if our younger players can raise their gameplay very much for this years playoffs.

Here is my capalogical analysis:

Calgary- They have 2 million in cap space. If they trade Adrian Aucoin they will have 6 million in cap-space. That would be enough to have Sundin for 60% of the season. But they would still probably need a player making 3 millionish, to be placed on the LTIR. With Calgary's physical style of hockey, this is entirely possible.

Edmonton- has 3 million in cap space, but few players with big salaries that they could let go. I don't see any possibilities for Sundin in Edmonton.

Toronto-has 9.5 million in cap space. Quite easily could get Sundin.

Vancouver- Could easily get him with 8 million in cap space

Non Canadian chances

NYR- with only 2 million in cap space, and a solid core of team-mates (can't trade gomez or Drury each making 7 millionish), i don't see it possible that NYR could afford Sundin

Ottawa- 4 million in cap space and players like Mike Fisher (4 million), that would be worth dumping to get Mats. Its capalogically possible that Sundin could be a sen.

montreal-has 2 million in cap space, but would have to give up either Markov, Tanguay or Hamrlik to put a big enough dent in Sundin's hefty price tag. I don't think its capalogically possible.

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  1. I love how neither Montreal nor Ottawa are considered Canadian teams, yet Toronto is.

    Are you sure you're not Sean in disguise?