Thursday, October 30, 2008

How the Westerners did

The Calgary Flames extended their winning streak to five games with a 3-2 win over the Boston Bruins. Phaneuf, Cammalleri, and Boyd scored for the Flames. Is it just me, or has Cammalleri been the quietest contributor to our team? I mean right now he's averaging a point a game and no one is even mentioning it. Let's hope he can keep it up. After letting in 4 or more goals in the first four games, Kipper has let in seven in the past five games. I'm pretty sure he started playing well AFTER my "Kiprusoft" post so he probably read it and is now trying to prove me wrong. GOod work Mikka, glad to see you're reading our blog.

Roberto Luongo shut the door against LA today as Vancouver won 4-0. IF Hark is right about the Sedin-Economy symbiotism then the economic crisis should be on the upswing.
Roberto Luongo has let in one goal in the past two games. Maybe he has read this blog too and took the critism to heart.

OIlers lost again for the fifth straight time. They are so awful I don't even know where to begin. I read an article in the paper saying that they are trying to dangle one of their three "NHL proven" goaltenders for a forward. That one rookie played one game, I'd hardly call that proven.


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