Thursday, October 30, 2008

"With the world struggling in the midst of a financial crisis, leave it to Vancouver Canucks head coach Alain Vigneault to use it as an analogy for the struggling Sedin twins. "They're a little bit like the stock market right now," he told reporters. "They're plunging, and history says the stock market comes right back up and I have to believe the twins are the same way."-TSN

It is a good thing Alan Vigneault said this, because there are some people (like Hark and Hal) that are so obsessed with hockey that they do not have time to listen or watch "trivial" news. By comparing the sedin twins to a current event, the vancouver public becomes more informed about non-hockey related media.

But everyone knows that hockey media is the only important form of existing media. If you follow this logic, when the Sedin's play well, the market must have had a good day. or would the market have a good day, as a result of the sedin's playing well? Do the Sedin's become the cause or the effect.

Either way, there is no more need to watch Lou Dobbs, because the Vancouver Canucks have their own money watch. And i have a feeling, that the market is going to combine for 8 points on the LA kings tonight.

(I am sorry for the sarcasm)


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