Sunday, November 2, 2008

Sunday Roundup

There were lots of games yesterday. The Flames beat the Kings 3-2, even though they outplayed us in the second and third periods. The win was solely due to Kiprusoff and Bertuzzi's passing (He should have had three assists but Iginla missed an open net at the beginning of the game)
Drew Doughty looked really good last game.
Kiprusoft isn't challenging or flailing around as much. He is actually in position and is not trying to pull a Hasek save. I like what I see, let's hope I don't jinx it.
Bertuzzi has scored 6 goals in 11 games. He has 8 points in 11 games. Bertuzzi will need 6 goals next game to keep on pace for 50 goals in 50 games.
Marc Crawford should try to stop being so biased when he commentates LA games

Other notes:

Signing long term massive contracts to young players seem to screw them up for that season:
Vanek last year
Kopitar this year
They just can't live up to the money

Sergei Samsonov is the new Alexi Yashin. He has not recorded a point playing on the Hurricanes since his 3.5 million contract

Dallas has let in 50 goals in 12 games. Yikes

Marian Hossa is quitely racking up more than a point per game. What a great addition to an already amazing team.

How could Mike Babcock NOT be coach of Team Canada 2010?

I just realized the Flames play again tonight!! Will Kippersoft start tonight? He must be exhausted after last nights stellar performance. If I was the coach, I'd put Curtis in net.

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