Sunday, October 19, 2008


He had a great game again last night. He scored his fifth goal in his fifth game, still on pace for 82 goals this season.

He played with Iginla on the powerplay and it always looked deadly. Then he played with Conroy on the second line for much of the game. This line had a lot of pressure throughout the game, even though it did not score. Bertuzzi had good presence of mind, and was setting players up to put a lot of pressure on Edmonton.

The only complaint about Bertuzzi, would be that he is not being very physical. Every once in a while you see him line up for a big hit, but he usually lays off. Iginla has already been in 2 fights this season, but bert has not been in one.

Flames fans don't despair, you always start the season off really shitty. The fact that you've got Bert the superstar, and not Bert the Floater, means that you will have a great season.

check out this fight last night. the flames player looks like he got his ass kicked. but when you consider that Macintyre outweighs Prust by 75 pounds, then you realize that Prust did an amazing job. The hit by Macintyre is the best hit so far this season, and Prust had to stand up for his teamate who just got boulderized by Macintyre.


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