Saturday, October 18, 2008

Flames vs. Oilers Round 2

For the first time in "Battle of Western Canada" blogging history, I will be writing a live blog of the Flames vs. Oilers Round 2 game. Calgary is in Edmonton ready to rock and roll and improve our record to 2-2-1. Wow, I just realized the Oilers are undefeated ... Funny that I'm writing this even though I have three midterms next week. There might be a gap of blogging information during the second period because I will be studying.

Recaps from last game:
Kipper still sucks
Bertuzzi had an amazing goal, showing off his hands and his skills. Give the C already
QUestion: Is Bertuzzi the best player to ever wear a Calgary Flames jersey?

And here we go:

8:04 - Ron Mclean and PJ Brown show the highlights of tonight's games. Hossa gets the game winner for Detroit. He still wears the gloves with the yellow hand, they look nice.

8:07 - Souray and Gagne are out due to injuries. I have Souray in my hockey pool too, that brittle piece of garbage. I think Bertuzzi did a "Reverse Bertuzzi" on Souray, by slamming him face first into the ice yesterday.
I hope Iggy gets a few points today, he's been having a slower than usual start ... it's like 2000-2005 Iggy. I want 2006-2008 Iggy.

8:09 - What the hell? Five men to sing the anthem? Do the Oilers usually do that?

8:11 - Mikkas GAA - 4.67. Start McEhlinney damnit. Why is Keenan putting Conroy with Iginla and not Bertuzzi? I hate the Flames sometimes. PUT IGINLA WITH LANGKOW. THEY HAVE PROVEN CHEMISTRY DAMNIT.

8:14 - How long before Bertuzzi becomes the Oiler Fan's most hated player? My girlfriend just asks "Do you love Bertuzzi more than me?" I reply, "Next question"

8:18 OH MY FUCKING GOD BERTUZZI SCORED ON THE POWER PLAY. ONE TIMER FROM THE SLOT. Iggy fanned on an empty net, what a beautiful powerplay. Iggy, Langkow to CUMTUZZZIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII. Thank you Jeremy Roenick

8:25 Second powerplay for the Flames. Let's see if we can make anything happen. OOO Sidney Crosby DVD, should I buy?

8:32 My laptop is overheating. I'm gonna stop blogging.

Sorry to dissapoint all my fans.


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