Monday, July 7, 2008

Is Burke Really That Good at Sucking Your Cock, Mr Bettman?

Apparently Gary Bettman has ordered the two general managers to stop their ongoing feud that dates back to last summer.

Of course, this happens the moment after Oilers GM, Kevin Lowe, actually defeneds himself and pretty much verbally molests and shits on Brian Burke's face.

Brian Burke has been insulting the Oilers organization and taking personal shots at Lowe for almost a year now, where was the commisoner then?

I call complete bullshit on that.

#1) Rivalries are good
#2) Burke is an overrated dumbass
#3) I'm using harsh language because our reader base is so small I figure if I do something controversial, we can double our viewership
#4) At least Lowe gets the last laugh
#5) Burke must be sucking Bettmans cock. I can't even believe Lowe had to put up with Burke's bitching for a year, and the moment he retaliates, Bettman pulls the plug. That's why the NHL is sucking. Who knows, maybe the rivalry may get some attention in the States
#6) Burke is a dumbass, I hate the Oilers but I actually like Kevin Lowe, and Sam Gagner. Although Burke was right, and Lowes offersheet did grossly inflate 2nd and 3rd tier players, it would happen eventually, and its already been a year, stop complaining, every GM has to deal with it
#7) Did I mention I hate Brian Burke

- Hal

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