Tuesday, July 8, 2008

I am ashamed to be a Flames Fan

Waking up nice and early at around 10:30 this morning, I opened the Calgary Herald and was excited that there were four huge ages talking about Bertuzzi.

There were six 'articles' in total:

1) Mike Keenan - Pretty much explaining how they like each other and how Bert fits in with the system
2) Flames organization - How Bertuzzi wants to turn our 'boos' into Cheers
3) Jarome Iginla - How Iggy was 100% the reason why he is here and how awesome Jarome is
4) George Johnson - Perplexed about how Bertuzzi is here
5) Bruce Dowbiggin - 'Big Bert's signing raises questions'
6) Fans response

Obviously George and Bruce are idiots. The fact that the Flames needed a top six forward and with our current cap situation, this was the best move avaliable. Anyways, they are tools and idiots.

I am very, VERY dissapointed in the Flame's fans response. Although in recent polls, 75% either like, or accept the Bertuzzi signing, it seemd like all 25% of haters wrote into the Herald article.

Let me show you some few clips of these BANDWAGON MOTHERFUCKING FANS WHO WILL DITCH THEIR TEAM BECAUSE OF ONE PLAYER!!!!! (I can totally understand not cheering for him, but to lose faith in the team and organization angers me)

Names have been ommitted because of the shame they bring to Calgary.

"This is not a smart move. Bertuzzi should not even be playing hockey anymore. It dosn't matter if what he did was in a game, it was still a cheap shot. Bertuzzi will only bring shame to the Calgary Flames orginization and I for one will consider if I want to support them this year."
Yes it was a cheapshot you dipshit. I can't wait until Bertuzzi scores 60 points and you jump back on the bandwagon. Fucking idiot.

"Calgary has always been referred to as a classy organization when spoken about in the media. Classy is no longer the case. A desperate attempt to shore up a floundering line up. Sad when you no longer care who or what your organization represents. The organization from the owners down should be walking around today with their heads hanging low. Pathetic."
Oh yes, one player will definitely ruin the entire organization that has been active for more than 25 years. Do you remember Chris Simon? The only reason why he isn't getting sued right now is because he's the luckiest man on earth. THis is a hockey team. We care about winning.

"Bertuzzi is a goon and doesn't deserve to play in the NHL period. I love the Iggy and the Flames but I won't be cheering for them this year."

"I have supported the Flames for the majority of my life... This was the last straw in a list of moves made by the organization over the last year that have caused me to question my loyalty. I am turning in my season tickets for next year and turning my loyalty over. Sutter you failed when signing Keenan, you failed when signing Eriksson and Aucoin, this was the icing on the cake. Go Habs, go Sens!"
Senators are godawful.

"love the flames but that was a bad move, I honsetly dont feel as though i can stand behind our team as long as we have that cheap shot @*% with us. I of course wish them the best but maybe by chance something called karma will meet with todd sometime. I would like to know the players thoughts on this move.. You took away top players and replaced them with one cheap shot @%* .. Should of kept nolan,husselius,and definitely tanguay, I am sorry but i truly believe this is the WORST move in Flames History... To the rest of our players Love y'all and all the best to you's."
Does this person even follow hockey? You want Hudanglius back, really? Holy shit you are stupid.

"Calgary may not always have the best players but they had class. Unless something like winning the cup happens this year I am going to have a hard time saying I am a flames fan. Not the best move to make."

Anyways, these comments pretty much go on and on. I realized that people who post on the Herald sport section on the internet, probably don't know too much about hockey and are MAJORITY bandwagon fans anyways.

Bertuzzi is going to prove all of you wrong. Show everyone in Calgary he's still got magic left. Him and Iggy will be a force down low.

To all the Bertuzzi haters, fuck you dumbasses.

I'm getting my #44 as soon as it comes out. (If he is #44)


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  1. Anyone who hates him being snatched by the flames doesn't care about hockey, they only care about wearing a red T-shirt for a few months out of the year. I say let them stop cheering, more seats for the rest of us.