Monday, July 7, 2008

Why Bertuzzi Chose to Play In Calgary

Bertuzzi joining the Flames? He must be off his knockers. These fans hate him, there's no way they will accept him in a Flames jersey.

However, I think Bertuzzi is finally facing his fears and demons. He tried to escape the Moore incident in Florida and Anaheim, where no one gives a rats ass about hockey, yet he couldn't get his old magic back.

Now in Calgary, he has things to prove. He has the motivation to win over the fans, the media, he knows of all the consequences if he doesn't. This is his chance to bounce back and show what he's got. People in Vancouver still like him. Flames fans are still divided about this signing, around 50/50.

He'll show them though, he'll show them.

Also, the sucker punch on Moore was classless and terrible and inexcusable, but it's been almost four years now. Bertuzzi has been through court trials, lawsuits , a heavy conscience , you name it. It was a terrible deed, but it was only exaggerated by the media because of the injury that happened. It was a freak accident, and that never should have happened in the first place. But what's worse, Bertuzzi cheap shotting some guy, or Chris Simon going apeshit and swinging his stick at someone's face. Yah.

You look at all the headshots and cheap hits from behinds happening in the NHL this year. All of the cases (eg. Patrice Bergeron) could have resulted in something far worse than Bertuzzi's sucker punch on Moore.



P.S I wonder if Harc will be a Flames fan once and for all now.

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