Friday, June 27, 2008

The Todd Bertuzzi Sweepstakes

Yet another moment that Brian Burke looks like a fool. Today it was announced that Todd Bertuzzi has been place on waivers so the ducks will not have to pay his 4 million dollars for the upcoming seasons. what teams could potentially be interested in this star?

Toronto-Typically Toronto would be the obvious choice. They are one of the few organizations that always seem to be willing to sign 'past-their-prime' players. However with recent buyouts to many mistakes from the past, Toronto has probably smartened up, and will not sign big bert.

Vancouver- If the canucks resign naslund, bringing bert back might be a good idea. You could reunite the pairing and make them a deadly second line to the Sedin's. You could also replace morrison with Kesler as their center, to make them more defensively sound (which has always been Big Bert's shortcoming).

Really though, the list of potential cities that bertuzzi could end up in is endless. Mike Keenan has already made a stupid trade for him once before. Wouldn't it be great if he urged sutter to sign the big bruiser?


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