Thursday, June 26, 2008

Canucks acquire Wellwood

In 2006-07 he had 42 points in 48 games. before the start of this season he had sports hernia that effected him big-time. 07-08 he had 21 points in 59 games. When Mats took his annual injury break two years ago, Wellwood replaced him on the top line.

The weird thing is, Wellwood is an RFA currently. Why would toronto waive him if he is an rfa. Would not they just wait for canucks to sign him and get future draft pick compensation. Maybe he is so bad that they thought nobody would be willing to sacrifice a draft pick in order to sign him. Maybe they knew it would mean he would be underpaid, because he is a risky player. It looks like the toronto owenership is not out to screw their players... just their fans.


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