Sunday, June 29, 2008

The Brendan Morrison Sweepstakes

Brendan Morrison held the record for NHL ironman, up until a knee injury earlier this season. He is a very decent second-line center, and still has the potential to score 20+ goals a season. In his best season, he had 71 points playing with Naslund and bertuzzi. Where will he end up?

Vancouver-It would be a real shame for the canucks to lose a BC born player, especially a fan favorite like Morrison. But in recent years his production has slowed. When Canucks traded Mogilny for Morrison they were hoping for a much better player. Morrison never really developed into the first line superstar they were hoping for. The canucks currently have 3 centerman that are arguably better than Morrison: Kesler, H. Sedin and Wellwood. There probably isn't room left for Mo unless he's willing to be a healthy scratch for much of the season.

Columbus- Columbus has a lack of centerman on their team. Nash and Zherdev would really benefit from having a better center than brule or Malholtra. Morrison might be willing to play in Columbus, just because he could easily be on their top line.

Bank of Montreal- Wouldn't it be great if Brendan Morrison retired from hockey and started doing commercials for Bank of Montreal>>>> "BMO goes BMO"


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