Sunday, February 24, 2008

What are you stupid?

It seems that the NHL is doing everything it can to NOT generate as much money as possible. This can be examplified by the ever increasing amount of AFTERNOON hockey games on the weekend. Let's face it, the atmosphere isn't going to be nearly as good as if it were at night. The AFternoon is for sleeping and relaxing, not getting intense about a hockey game. Plus, no one is going to drink at an afternoon game. Sure, you will have a few beers but you won't have the drunk crowds chanting ' RECCHI"S UGLY" for 2.5 hours straight. That's a huge loss of income right there. It's like a negative feedback loop, the less drunk people there are, the less chanting and awesomeness there is which leads to a lower atmosphere and then decreasesrevenue further when people realize they could be watching the game at home and it would be just as enjoyable. After the hockey games, people wonder to the nearby downtown bars ... however, are people going to hit up the bars when the game finishes at 3pm? Hell no. They are screwing up the local bars business. It's a plague that is spreading throughout the league.

Bettman, if you ever read this amazing blog, tell the schedulers to stop making afternoon games and make it a 5man shootout damnit

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  1. On the plus side though, with an afternoon game, you aren't trapped at the United Center during the prime drinking time and being held hostage for a $7-$8 beer. You can get a decent base with the rest of the evening ahead of ya and find some more reasonable pricing.

    ....just my 2cents.