Sunday, February 24, 2008

HHH: Hark, Hockey and Haiku

Deadline day is the biggest day of the year for all networks that broadcast hockey. For me, it is almost as good as Christmas. I can remeber skipping school every deadline day since grade 10. I would just stay home all day long and watch TV as all the deals went down.

Oh, i can think of many deadline days when the canucks management were able to please my extremely simple mind, with trades like these: Brad May, Rucinsky, That guy that wore the yellow visor, That goalie that went over to Russia, along with many other 'potential' third line wingers. But i keep telling myself, maybe this will be the year the canucks finally make a big trade... unlikely.

This year (my first year as a sports journalist), I find myself delivering the trade news rather than recieving it.

In an attempt to steal some of the glory from Sportsnet, Eklund and TSN, I have decided to break the news of all the deadline deals in the form of Haiku. I will have my laptop with me, in class, on "Deadly Tuesday", to provide almost instantaneous haiku trade reports. No need to visit any other site (especially Eklund); we've got you covered here.

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