Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Ranking of Broadcastings and New Years Eve Gala

1) CBC. It's just the most glamorous of all the broadcastings. You get the HNIC theme song, Don Cherry (Who i have been avoiding recently) and best of all, the players know that the game is being televized across the country, so everybody brings their 'A' games. The only downside to HNIC, is Kelly 'Anti Canadian' Hrudey.

2)Sportsnet. It's close with TSN. We have Jim Hughson who does a lot of play-by-play for CBC, but his partner in crime (I forget his name but he's an old canuck goalie) is horrible. Worst color commentating in the game. He throws out random comments that throw Hughson off his 'A' game. Him and Hughson have terrible chemistry and you can tell they hate each other. But sometimes it's just funny to keep count of the ridiculous comments made (sort of like we do with manson)

3) Not much to say about TSN. Although i think they play more commericals than CBC and sportsnet. I hate bob Mckenzie and Pierre McGuire. Although it is pretty cool that Pierre McGuire gets to be right by the ice and interview players during TV timeouts.

Our paperview games are commentated by the radio announcers. The vancouver radio announcers are amazing. They are both about 45ish in age and they do a tremendous job. But i always watch those games at the bars with the sound off. But no commercials makes it better than TSN for sure.

NYE08 baby...yeah.

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