Tuesday, December 11, 2007


When the Canucks are televised which channel do you like to watch them on the most?

For me, it'd probably go CBC > TSN >> SNET

CBC is just great because it's Saturday night and a classic, plus then you get to see Don Cherry heckle people and Ron Maclean sit there nervously. TSN is pretty good, I like the lighting, it's very bright and Pierre is always great at color commentating ( I actually don't know what color commentating means but it sounds like it makes sense there)

However, I HATE SNET. Roger Millions or whatever his name is can't pronouce anyways name, and it's always so dark and gloomy. I'm not familliar with the cast so their intermission talk doesn't interest me, and did I mention it's always dark and gloomy?

Oh shit, as I was typing this, I was scanning some notes for a friend and the scanner top broke off ... I'm pretty sure it's fucked now.

I think Chow and Sean are down for a relaxing evening on New Years ... Josh probably too. That'd be a fun crew. I also think we should make some epic food that day. We'll probably watch the game at the Point or at someones house, but then we definitely gotta make Nachos with sourcream, tomatoes, chicken, chives, salsa, I'm drooling just talking about it.

Also we're gonna pull a KVP. Go to wing night at the point and first one to stop eating wings has to do a humiliation. By the by, have you been watching the new KVP? Not up to par as the usual ones except the last one I saw was funny, Who Can Be Tied To A Goat Longest

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