Thursday, December 13, 2007

Favorite Things About Christmas

In no particular order:

Watching all the Flames games
Watching the World Juniors
Canmore baby, Canmore (cancelled this year)
Eating mom and dad's home cooked meals, oh so delicious
Hanging with the boys
Skating and playing some 2 on 2 Hockey with Frazy Josh and Marc
No homework
Gonna play Twighlight Princess on the gamecube
Sleep in until noon
The great food again

And last but certainly not least ...

The TSN and The Scores Year in Review segments. Seriously, I LOVE watching this show, shows all the best highlights, gives me all the news updates of the year, such a great segment, and it's usually 2 hours long and they play it on repeat during New Years Eve and day. Amazing.

I love watching the plays of the year. I can't wait

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