Saturday, December 1, 2007

Random Thoughts / Comments

I had to think about it for a second, but I would take slurpee in a hot day for sure. More refreshing and thirst quenching.

Would you rather not be able to brush your teeth for a week, or not shower for two weeks?

On to my thoughts...

  • Did you call CBC on Thanksgiving weekend? It was after a Flames vs Canucks game and the question went something like "If you were drafting a 94 Fantasy Hockey Team, would you pick Potvan or Kelly Hrudey, except Kelly Hrudey had to wear his ridulous headband?" The question was from a Marc in Victoria ....
  • Flames have the same amount of points as the Oilers. This is getting frightening. Husileus is out of here ... might as well trade him now
  • Vancouver = back- to back- to back shut outs?? Are you kidding me?
  • I was looking at our capspace, and we're commited to 38 million right now, and that's without resigning Phaneuf (who is 100% going to get a $7 million dollar offer sheet from K Lowe) and Langkow and others. We're paying 4 mil for Aucoin, and 3.5 million for Cory Sarich, what the heck was Sutter thinking.
  • I've never seen the Flames forum so depressed. 90% of the threads are about doom and gloom. Also someone stole my Stanley Cup Theory .... jerks.
  • We should definitely watch a lot of hockey over Christmas break
  • I need to study a lot for my tests but I might watch the Pens vs Leafs game and then the Calgary vs. Columbus game.
  • Did you ever hear a rumor about Craig McTavish putting a hit out on his wife? Someone was telling me that but I'm pretty sure that's an E3

Have you been watching the new KVP? They arent as good as previous seasons. The "Who Can Eat the Most Meat" was pretty funny though.

Go Flames go

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