Friday, November 30, 2007


I would like to start off this post with a side-note on blogging. Fellow Blogger James Mirtle will be interviewed on HNIC tomorow. I only have one thing to say about this. Why the fuck didn't Kelly Hrudey call me for this segment. There's two reasons why Kelly Hrudey should have called me instead of Mirtle who posts on the site

1) Mirtle is a retard. He spends his days compiling really stupid stats that have no relevance to NHL standings. While they are slightly interesting given they show how much free time Mirtle has, the important stat that one should focus on is points. Who the fuck cares about improvements on goal diferentials from last year. I don't care about trends i care about wins. He must just be really bored with hockey considering that he is a leafs fan and there is nothing good to report out of Toronto.

2) I am currently in the process of writing a movie script involving Kelly Hrudey. It is a script about two lifelong friends that venture out to make sure that Kelly Hrudey doesn't say anything hurtful about their favorite hockey team on the night of the biggest game of the season. The players seem to take everything that Hrudey says to heart; and watch his show religously in the dressing room while tying up their skates. Examples of Hrudey hurting teams feelings: The Flames and Oil both losing their playoff runs after Kelly Hrudey sided with the Lightning and Canes. I am talking with Stanley Kubrick to direct this and am hoping to reunite Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman (who will have to star as a man, but Tom Cruise won't mind that) for the two parts. If that doesn't work, I will play the lead role and will be in talks with my friend and co-blogger Albert Gau to star.

But enough sidetracking. Lets get back to the main focus of this blog:

My favorite chicken wing flavor is either Spicy or S+P. Spicy is good when the sauce is very vinegary, but salt and peppah is good when its really deep fried; like the kind you get at American Chinese Food restaurants (oh so delicious). Sounds like an excellent weekend for Earls. Tonight i hope to go see the new Coen bros movie and maybe bake a cake. I like to eat suishi lately. There is a really cheap suishi place right by my house where you can get japanese style suishi for very very cheap. It's the only suishi i can afford. All the poor uvic students eat their; but its take out; but we still eat it there sometimes.

Whats better: hot chocolate on a cold day or a slurpee on a hot day?

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  1. Quite a post; I can see a lot of thought went into this.