Thursday, November 29, 2007

$$$ For Athletes

Check this out:


Anyways, there are tons of people who moan, bitch, and complain about how much money atheltes make. It's true, they do make quite a bit, but I think they deserve every penny. Well, not all players (eg. Bertuzzi, Dustin Penner, Vanek, Gomez, Drury, Chara, man I could go on) But in general, I think they're paid reasonably.

I mean, when you excel at your profession at that high of a level and provide entertainment for millions of followers, shouldn't you be making that much money? The amount of time/work/effort to become a professional athelete is so intensive, and that's why most people can't do it.

I mean, imagine if instead of athletes, they were all mechanics, and we only had like 500 of them. They would make HUGE money because their skills are required and not enough of them. Wait, there is a term for this in ecnomics but I definitely forget ... sparsity?

Anyways, obviously hockey and stuff isn't nearly as important as mechanics, but when you work that hard at something, you definitely deserve to be rewarded, no matter what profession. I'm pretty sure if an engineer/businessman or whatever dedicated as much of their life at striving to be the best at what they do, they'd be multi millionaires, making way more than NHL players.

Do you know what I'm saying.

I liked the sonnet by the way, you should try a Haiku next.

Another question: What's your favorite chicken wing flavor?

Mine definitely has to be Salt and Pepper. Man I can't wait to go back home, and we can all crash the Point like old times.

Flames lost 4-1 to Anaheim today. I didn't catch the game, but that's definitely another dissapointing loss. I'm starting to think that the Flames haven't been "on a slump" but aren't actually that good to begin with. When you replace Brad Stuart and Roman Hamirlik with Sarich and Eriksson, somethings got to be up.

And what's wrong with Kippersoff? Letting in four goals again? I know our D has been weak, but honestly, he lets in 1.5 bad goals a game, and we need him to start STEALING games like he used to.

Did you see Datsyuk absolutely undress Sarich the other day. Man, I almost felt bad for the guy.

Pretty much our team revolves around Iginla. He's second in scoring, and is just doing everything. What the heck is Huselius doing? Is Keenan picking on him again? Langkow and Lombardi have been pretty bad too, and our 3rd and 4th lines are non existent. I'm pretty sure a trade is gonna go down, but the only bait we have is Huselius (who's too important when he's playing well and trying) and Lombardi, our only guy with speed and is below 28.

Nucks got another shutout. Bobby Lu is stepping it up again. He started playing really well around this time last year too.

Going out to Earls tomorrow for some Hunan Kung Pao Chicken. Man I love that dish. Nothing beats white man Chinese food. Then going bowling. Good times.

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