Monday, November 26, 2007

wish list

in a couple weeks, i will copy and past this post into an email and send it to my mom. Before i send it to her, i will likely make a few additions to the list.

dear mom,

this is what i would like for christmas:

-any amount of books by ernest hemingway
-a good dictionary and thesauras. the dictionary should preferably be hardcover.
-the family minivan
-one of those tim hortons gift cards....actually, dont get me one. just money.
-a rain jacket very similar to the one dad has from MEC. blue or black. or the MEC ferrata hoodie. probably need a large: black. think about ordering it online. won't take very long to deliver. i dont mind if it comes late.

hey mom. Do you remebrer those speakers you got me last year. those things are awesome, best gift ever. i didn't even ask for those. i was so suprised to get them. maybe something else new and trendy from costco.

-The Will to Power by Friedrich Nietzsche translated by Walter Kaufman
-Tea... delicious varieties of tea.
-an issue of walrus magazine... i don't want a subscription though.
-Green Mansions by William Henry Hudson
-A nice lighter, but not too nice because i will lose it very quickly.

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