Saturday, November 24, 2007

Six Salt and Pepper Ribs for $6

I've never written a blog before? I guess it's sort of a random rant where you talk about nothing?

Anyways, the Flames are up 4-0 against the Avalanche as I type this ... the game isn't televised which is a shame because I haven't seen a game in a while. I'm finished eating some salt and pepper ribs that were pretty disgusting, it came with a side of caesar salad that had too much dressing too.

I dunno what's worse: Caesar salad with too little dressing, or caesar salad with too much? Definitely a toss up.

Yunno what's a huge question? How come Pittsburgh didn't try to get Bryzglov. I mean ... Marc-Andre is playing terrible right now, and there back up is DANY SABORIN. Have you ever seen him play? Seriously he should be in the WHL or something. Honestly, Bryzglov would've been a smart choice for them.

Anyhoo, Luther is coming here tonight so we'll probably hang out with Warren too.

Go Flaes!

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