Saturday, November 24, 2007

What I'm doing instead of watching the Leafs Game

Well. I sat down tonight to watch some good hockey tonight. Like usual the Leafs game starts at 4 pacific. I was pretty disappointed that I had to watch them play the Phoenix Coyotes. But getting to see Bryzgalov play made it somewhat worthwhile (I still can't believe anaheim put him on waivers). The Leafs went down 3-0 earlier. I turned it off after Tucker got into a fight. It was a pretty good fight.

Now I'm going to go make some chicken. I'm going to take four chicken thighs. And marinate them in a honey mustard sauce, and sprinkle lots of bread crumbs all over. I then might add some Frank's red hot sauce for flavour; although my stomach has trouble with spicy foods these days and i already have an upset stomach looking from Wayne Gretzky's smile when his team took a 3-0 lead. So, I'll skip the hot sauce but i will cook some rice on the side. Cook the chicken at 350 for 30 mins, that should be enough. Then, a delicious dinner. Maybe while I'm eating it i will tune into the game and check up on the score.

It's just not fair for the Leafs. Every Saturday night the play fully televised across Canada. All the Canadian players on their opposing teams, have this game marked on the calendar because they will be broadcast all over the nation for the only time that season. Whereas, for the Leafs, its just an average saturday night. Paul Maurice has the hardest job in the game, trying to get his Leafs more pumped than the opposition, for a regular Saturday night game

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