Thursday, November 22, 2007

What is Brian Burke up to?

I have had a theory since the start of this season, that Brian Burke is some kind of Danny Ocean, treating the CBA as the casino of his desire. Why on earth would you not have Scott Neidermyer playing. 'Considering retirement', yes he probably is. But if there was cap-room for him to play I'm sure he would be in there right now.

Now, we hear the news that Bryzgalov has been waved. A goalie that two years ago, Burke could have got at least a couple first round picks for. Or, at least with his RFA status, Bryzgalov would have fetched a high enough price that Anaheim would be getting even more draft picks Kevin Lowe style. But instead, he sends the goalie away, opting to even pay some of his contract while he enjoys the balmy Arizona desert.

Watch for Neidermyer to return, excactly as soon as there is enough cap space to fit him into the lineup. Better yet, just wait till the playoffs. He can start playing round 1, game 1 and you won't have to pay him anything. Just reward him with a nice front office job when he reaches his inevitable retirement.

Whatever the case, Brian Burke is a freaking genius. You need to go to Harvard Law to pull of the type of move he made to get both the Sedin's in Vancouver. And lately, his decisions have seemed pretty weird ie) signing Todd Bertuzzi. But this is still the main that somehow got both Chris Pronger and Scott Neidermyer to play on the same team. And once you add Schneider to the mix, you've just possibly compiled the best defenseive lineup in NHL history.

Burke's up to something. And hopefully, it will piss off Andy Garcia, who in this metaphor is played by Gary Bettman.

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