Monday, July 4, 2011

Biggest Losers so Far

Definitely the Montreal Canadiens. First they lose the Wizard of Nooski to Columbus who is a young and promising defenseman because they instead decided to pay 5.75 million per season for 3 years to Markov who played 8 games last season. What a stupid signing, the guy is an old washed up bum.

Then they sign Eric Cole to a 4 year 4.5 million dollar deal. Is the GM on crack? Doesn't he realize Cole is an old wash up bum as well with his best days behind him. Maybe he thought he was getting Eric Staal instead.

Again the Canadiens were unable to address their lack of size.

The only smart signing they had was Budaj as a backup for 1 million over the next two seasons and their resigning of Paccioretti to 1.6 million per season over the next two seasons.

Overall, the Canadiens are screwed and will probably miss the playoffs this season unless Price stands on his head again and Cammalerri has another 40 goal campaign, along with Subban having a Norris-worthy season. Its probably just too much to ask, but there will be a lot of pressure on the few remaining good pieces that the Canadiens have.


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