Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Third Tier UFAs

Brad Richards - This guy had a real good season for the Dallas Stars until he got injured. Unfortuantly, we all know the history of Mr. Richards. I've even dedicated an entire post about his scam. Some team with cap space is going to sign him to an idiotic contract and he's gonna get 70 pts next year. Seriously if he makes more than 8 million a year whatever GM that signed him should be fired immediately.

Simon Gagne - Gagne is a bum, the last time he had a home was in Philly 05-06 with a All-Human Forsberg and they ripped it up. But then Forsberg got a bionic leg and Gagne started getting a slew of injuries and concussions. I could see him going to Montreal; They seem to love overpaying for injury prone, small players.

Tim Conolly - I think he's played maybe 82 games combined in the last four seasons. Seriously, who is stupid to sign him, Montreal?

Jussi Jokinen - Juicy Fruit proved that he is more than a shootout specialist and is possibly even better than the original Jokinen. I would think that he is gonna get a huge payraise and probably stay in Carolina - where he has had his most success. Plus, Caroline has so much cap space they can afford to splooge/splurge a little

Thomas Kaberle - Kaberle played 9 minutes in Game 7 of the finals. NINE MINUTES. Toronto totally bent over Boston and raped the shit outta them in this trade. Kaberle is a offensive, puck moving defensemen, too bad he doesn't have what it takes in the playoffs. He's not getting much blame because the Bruins won the cup, but I hope a GM isn't dumb enough to offer him 5 million a year

Thomas Vokoun - Where is this mahf heading? On a decent team, he could really be a diference maker and will probably command 6-6.5 a year. If I was Philly I would've traded Jeff Carter for what they did, kept M.Richards and not sign Breezyfosheezy to that contract cause he's a bum and is only good because Phoenix plays a defensive minded system. Instead, I would've gone after Vokoun who shows that he can stop pucks on a terrible, terrible team.

Joel Ward - Will Winnipeg sign Joel Ward to add to their 2.5 black people on their team? I guess not since they are out of Atlanta and no longer have to get players based on race. AHL here he comes!

Radim Vbrata - This guy never gets picked up in any hockey pools. That's because he kind of sucks. He doesn't get a lot of points, but if you want someone to take quite a bit of shots and still not score, pick up Vbrata in the pool. Seriously in the last 3 seasons he's Top 5 in the Waiver wire in shots. Too bad he can't do anything else. I'm betting he resigns with Phoenix; they need to keep somebody. I guess the Jets got pretty lucky in getting a young Thrashers team instead of the Coyotes which lost Breezy and definitely won't make the playoffs this year.

Chuck Kobasew - This guys is a 1st, 2nd, 3rd tier UFA. He's my boy and even though he's scored 18 goals in the last two seasons, I want to see him back in Calgary again. He could play on our second line and relive the season where he broke his first 20 goal plateau.


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