Sunday, March 27, 2011

Video of HAmhuis Concussion

I would be concussed too if i got hit by a dual collission of Bieksa and Rick NAsh. There's a lot of people suggesting that it's HAmhuis's shoulder. To which I reply, "have you been smoking crack?" Hamhuis has had three concussions in his career and he definitely rushed back after the one he was given by Getzlaf. He was barely gone a month which probably wasn't long enough to get rid of all the symptons.

The good news is that we finally have a use for Chris Tanev again. The bad news is that this could be a lingering problem for Hamhuis. Hopefully he will be ready to return by the first round of the playoffs, because the combination of him and Bieksa really was working great.


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  1. Look at bieska just look at Hamusis's corpse after wards. DOesn't even skate to ask him if he's ok, what a teammates. NUCKS CANT DO IT