Wednesday, March 9, 2011

The nhl is a joke

after the non suspension on the pacioretti hit i am unsure if i can be a blogger any longer in this league. any league that allows a player to deliberately guide a head into a turnbuckle and get away with it is terrible. not only that, but now the precedent has been set that it is legal. the nhl is going to look like a bunch of idiots when they review turnbuckle hits in the offseason. the funniest part is that colin campbell (who decides on nhl suspensions) was not able to make a decision because his son Gregory plays for the Bruins; they had to get someone else to make the suspension call that usually does not do that position. This is such a load of malarky. screw the nhl! they dont care about their players and their priorities are so wrong. how did godard get ten games for leaving the bench to defend his goalie from getting pummelled by a goon that the islanders called up from their farm team, and chara doesnt get suspended for fracturing a vertabrae and giving a concussion. the priorities are all out of whack!

some people are saying that if we suspend chara then the next logical step is to take hitting out of the game completely. that doesnt need to happen. what needs to happen is any hit that involves a head collision should be reviewed and a suspension should be given out. intention should not matter, the same way an accidental high stick is still a 2 minute penalty. there should still be hitting in the game, just not deadly hits that ruin peoples careers. chara is a goon and the karma will come back to sting the bruins. Habs and bruins playoff series: habs win in 6 games, cammaleri is the player of the series.


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  1. The idea about reviewing all head hits and giving out suspensions regardless of intent is a good idea. I really don't think that was a deliberate hit into the turnbuckle by Chara though. That happened really fast I don't think he really had time to think it through he was probably just trying to put him over the boards or something. Chara is a goon but I think the criminal investigation that some people want is a bit ridiculous.