Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Tanguay Injury Good for Flames

Let's face it. Even with calgary's six game winning streak, they are still a bunch of bums. If they kept this winning up Feaster might be put in a position where he would have to make a trade to put the Flames over the edge.

The last thing the Flames need is another stupid trade that involves giving away quality young players or draft picks.

The way Calgary has played consistently for much of this season has shown they are in no position to go far in the playoffs this year.

Nows the perfect time for the Flames to become sellers and try and unload some of the idiotic contracts on their team (hagman, stajan, kotalik, and maybe even bouwmeester). Getting picks back is not as important as just getting these overpaid washed up bums off their roster to open up a little breathing room for Feaster to work some magic in the offseason.

Unfortunately for Flames fans, Ken King might be stupid enough to give Feaster the go ahead to be buyers at the deadline. This would only further perpetuate the mediocrity that we have seen in Calgary for the past few seasons.

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