Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Cody Hodge-(shit)-Son

Hodge Podge finally popped one into the net nearly 2 and a half years after being drafted... only it was his second game. The goal was so popular that the server on our website broke down for ten minutes after he scored it, because people were coming to my site to see my response. well here it is:

what a beautiful goal by such a hardworking forward. so patient with the puck as he crossed through the slot and sniped it over Breeze-gayloves gay-love/glove. he makes nick kypreos look like the biggest fucking idiot in the world

Kyprios said that Hodgson at best has the potential to develop into somewhere between a second and a third liner. Hodgson is the guy that at the end of the 2008 OHL season the OHL coaches announce him "as the smartest player (for the second consecutive season), the hardest worker, the best on faceoffs and the best penalty killer." Ahead of steven stamkos (2007),Matt Duchene, jordan eberle, john tavares and matt duchene... and no i didn't mention matt duchene twice, cody hodgson is just so awesome he's giving you flashes of matt duchene. Hodgson has potential! He could definitely develop into a major force for the canucks, maybe not a key goal scorer but a smart player who moves the puck well... maybe kinda like ryan kesler of 09-10.


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