Thursday, November 4, 2010

A Real Test for the Canucks Tonight

So far this season the CAnucks have been excellent at home and bad on the road. Before the Canucks went on this 4 game winning streak they were yet to put together two wins in a row. Cory Schneider has played excellent so far this season, but he has only played against Minnesota and Carolina; two teams that quite frankly suck moose balls.

Tonight is the real test for the Canucks. Great teams are capable of winning five games in a row. Great teams are capable of going into other good teams buildings, and beating those teams. The Canucks may be tired from 3 games in four days, while the Avs havent played in four days.

If the Canucks win tonight they will be on the right track to making their fans believers that they can win the stanley cup. If they lose they start fresh and try to put together another streak of wins.

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