Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Brrrr.... It's Getting Cold in Here

Alex Burrows made his return to the canucks lineup last night. He was held off the scoresheet and had zero hits and zero blocked shots. Part of the reason about him being held off the score sheet is because the Canucks are not playing him on the powerplay. the top unit is still kesler-sedin-sedin.
Burrows looked good in the first period, fast on the rush and jumping at chances at the net. One of Burrow's chances involved a pass from a Sedin to Burr right in front of the net, but Burrow was not quick enough to see it or get the shot off before the oilers got rid of it. Maybe with a little less rust under his belt that would have gone in.
A lot of Canucks fans have been saying all year that we need Burrows back before we can start playing well. I dont agree with this logic. In the playoffs last year Burrows was sent down to the second line and Samuelson went onto the top line. In the most clutch time of the year Burrows couldn't put up numbers. Sure he had a shoulder injury, but in twelve playoff games I only remember him scoring one goal besides the empty netter. If he was hurt that badly he should have sat out altogether.
The Canucks did not look great in their win against the oilers. they coughed up a three goal lead in the third, and only won because of a fluky goal that Khabibulun shouldnt have let in.
It was good that the canucks got three goals from their third line, and scoring depth is something that the canucks need to work on this year. But it seems like the canucks might have a problem finding someone to play with the sedins this year. they are two of the premier talented players in the league. And kesler can't play with them because hes a center. Samuelson, Hansen and Torres already had attempts to play with them but when they were unproductive so Vingeault put them on separate lines. If burrows doesnt mesh with the sedins the same way he did last year, the canucks could be in a lot of trouble.
Its disheartening to think that are team is relying on a guy that when he was in his early twenties was playing roller hockey instead of hockey at the nhl level. We'll see how it pans out.


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